Edge Display Scaler Major Update 1.2 Released!

While it may not be the oldest Edge Engine module, Edge Display Scaler was the first to be published—in fact, it predates the name 'Edge Engine'! And ever since that first critical release it has been far and away the most popular Edge Engine module, a cornerstone around which other modules are built. And now it has reached its third major milestone: Edge Display Scaler 1.2.0!
This new release is a pretty hefty overhaul, so updaters be warned: things will look a bit different, and you will have to edit your projects accordingly to use the latest version. I don't take that inconvenience lightly, but the changes were necessary. To ease in the transition, 1.2.0 includes all 1.1.2 scripts in a .zip file, so you can postpone the jump or migrate slowly as is convenient for you and your development teams. And what is so different about 1.2.0? First, the cosmetic differences: as Edge Engine has developed, it has established a particular naming structure to make every script and asset as clearly organized as possible. As Edge Display Scaler predates this structure, it did not conform to it. Thus nearly all scripts in the module have been renamed and reorganized. Each Edge Engine module's module-specific scripts are prefixed with the shorthand for that module—in this case, 'edgeds'. Generic scripts that aren't limited to Edge Engine usage alone conform instead to Game Maker Studio naming structure. For a complete rundown of the new organizational structure of Edge Display Scaler, check out the documentation on the Learn page.Other changes include improvements to how HTML5 is handled, meaning HTML5 developers no longer need to manually edit anything to enable scaling on that platform, and a pair of new scripts for scaling backgrounds and views. View scaling is in particular a feature that has been repeatedly requested, to which my response has always been that it's a bad technique that shouldn't be used, but just because I feel that way doesn't mean other people shouldn't be able to use it. I hope view scaling will act as training wheels of sorts and that eventually everyone who uses it will move on, but that's up to each individual to decide. Background scaling, on quite the other hand, was a no-brainer that should've been there from the start, and I'm happy to feature it in this new release.To get the update for yourself, current users need only check their Game Maker Studio Marketplace Library and hit the big 'download' button. New users can get their hands on Edge Display Scaler from the Marketplace, here.And stay tuned: there's much more to come for Edge Engine very soon!