Edge Engine February 2016 Updates - New Look, Same Great Engine!

If you hadn't noticed, things have looked a bit different around here at ThinkBoxly for a few weeks now! While the latest version of ThinkBoxly was released to less fanfare than usual, it was for good reason--that reason being, the reasons for the updates had to be kept under wraps! While some of those reasons must remain secrets for a while longer, today the first step of those plans comes to completion: Edge Engine is now fully assimilated into ThinkBoxly, and ALL modules have received updates to help them settle into their new home and just be better than ever before! Note the change in URL in particular--Edge Engine can now be found at, NOT! In less than a month that domain will expire, so take your time but be sure to point your browser to the new location from now on to receive support and news of updates! What sort of updates? Read on to find out!

A New Paradigm

First of all, to simplify and better strategize development, Edge Engine has been reorganized into three separate categories of modules: Systems, Utilities, and Features. I highly recommend checking out to learn more, but in short, from now on each Edge Engine module will be assigned a color code indicating its general usage and size. With the new scheme in place identifying modules at a glance is easy, plus it creates a good environment for the engine to grow in the future.

Fixes and Features All Around!

More importantly, however, is updates to all premium modules. There are currently five of them out in the wild, plus the free make_color_hex script. As part of the transition from Edge Engine as its own entity to being an integral part of ThinkBoxly, each one has been improved for February in some pretty big ways. Check out the full list of changes and updates for yourself below! And of course, you can always check out more details for each module and full documentation online by heading over to the Edge Engine 'learn more' page.

Edge VN (Visual Novel)

Updated to v1.5.4

• Added edgevn_goto script to allow jumping to specific text blocks/lines of text, effectively skipping entire scenes

• Dialog options are now added to the text log when selected

• Fixed a bug causing log audio functions to crash when log is empty

• Minor improvements and bug fixes

Edge Display Scaler

Updated to v1.5.9

• GUI layer is now automatically scaled along with the application layer

• Spring cleaning—removed non-view scaling as this feature was deemed unuseful and unnecessary

• Removed mobile hi-res workaround, as >2K screens are now supported by GameMaker natively (thanks, YoYo!)

• Added aspect ratio window resizing for edgeds_set_width, edgeds_set_height, and edgeds_set_screenres

• Improved, more accurate handling of DPI-based scaling

• Improved, more accurate scale linking. No longer experimental!

• Minor additional improvements and optimizations

Edge FMV

Updated to v1.1.0

• Updated MakeFMV with GUI frontend, custom output paths, and better support for nonstandard paths (e.g. not on C drive, paths with spaces, etc.)

Edge FS (Filesystem)

Updated to v1.1

• Updated syntax to combine filename and extension into a single argument

• New permanent price reduction—33% off previous price!

Edge SS (Splash Screen)

Updated to v1.5.3

• Added option to set the view to be used for drawing splash screens

• Hidden cursors are now unhidden at the end of edgess_draw_splash—no more edgess_end_splash necessary!

• Minor additional improvements

That's it for this month, but stay tuned! There are many, many more exciting things coming this 2016! Thanks for being a part of the journey!