Watch ThinkBoxly Live on Twitch with Chaos Rings III (FINISHED)

Happy Monday, gamers! The weekend may be over, but ThinkBoxly is starting the new week off with a bang, live streaming hours of Chaos Rings III gameplay with live commentary on, starting today at 3:30pm EST and continuing all afternoon!

Today's stream will be a joint venture between ThinkBoxly and, where I am also a member of staff known by the username 'Kirito'. I will be responding to chat on both the Twitch stream (embedded here) and on the forums themselves.

If you are unable to attend, the archive of the finished stream will be posted here for your viewing pleasure.

See you on Twitch!

UPDATE: Thanks to all who stopped by! Apologies for some of the technical difficulties, but hey, it happens. As a result of the stream crashes, the archive has been split into three parts, viewable above. See you next time!