Final Fantasy Agito+ Cancelled for Vita, Mobile

It's well known that Square Enix has a habit of biting off more games than they can chew, and now following the announcement of Final Fantasy VII G-Bike's cancellation news has broken that another Final Fantasy spinoff is also getting the axe prematurely. Final Fantasy Agito was a mobile tie-in game to Final Fantasy Type-0, confusingly enough bearing Type-0's original name. Despite being a mobile spinoff Agito was actually a full-on RPG and visual novel in its own right, even borrowing many assets from the original PSP version of Type-0 and further fleshing out its bigger brother's convoluted story and myriad characters. It launched in Japan as a free-to-play title in May of 2014, and at E3 a month later it was announced for a western localization alongside the Type-0 HD remaster for PS4 and Xbox One. A premium Playstation Vita port titled Final Fantasy Agito+ was also planned for both regions.

Unfortunately, with the Playstation Vita's troubled support from Sony, Square Enix reportedly hit a wall in development related to the Vita's development environment itself, and getting around it would require direct involvement from Sony. A solution was never reached, and Agito+ was canned. While it's likely unrelated, the free-to-play mobile version is subsequently also being cancelled, with service set to end in November of 2015.

Not all hope for the game is lost, however. In addition to the cancellation announcement, Square Enix has said it plans to re-release Agito at some point in the future as a 'reborn' edition. Whether this merely implies a re-tooled version of the same game or a complete overhaul a la Final Fantasty XIV: A Realm Reborn remains to be seen. No release estimate was given for the new version, but it's safe to say it will be mobile-only and an English localization is not guaranteed. For a Final Fantasy sub-series that's all about war, Final Fantasy Type-0's biggest battle continues to simply be for its own existence.