Edge Engine Hex - True GML Hex Color Notation for GameMaker Studio

Edge Engine Splash Add true hex color notation support to Game Maker Studio...for free!

Hex or HTML color notation is one of the most popular formats for defining color, and is used across thousands of professional applications and programming and design languages. Its brevity and simplicity make it easy to use and remember, and is already the preferred form of notation for countless developers.

While Game Maker Studio has long had a rudimentary implementation of hex color notation its uses are severely limited and don't follow standard hex syntax. With Edge Engine's make_color_hex script, however, using standard hex notation for any purpose is as easy as built-in Game Maker standards—in fact, if hex is your preferred color notation, it's easier!

Wherever you wish to use hex color notation in your GML projects, simply run the script with the first argument being the desired color in quotes, such as:


As an added bonus, inclusion of the # symbol is optional, and if any sort of malformed input is supplied, the script will do its best to return the closest approximation to the input, or if all else fails, return c_white.

Not familiar with hex notation?

No problem! There are many different hex color pickers across the web, such as Between make_color_hex and a simple online color picker, you'll always be able to have the perfect color selection tools at your fingertips, no knowledge of hex notation required!

Already an Edge Engine user?

This script is included with Edge VN—if you own Edge VN, you already have make_color_hex! Otherwise click the button below to get it now--it's free!