Edge Splash 1.5 Update Released!

Wait, what? Edge Splash is already at 1.5?

Yes, it is, and for good reason! This new version of Edge Splash is not a mere update--it is a completely rewritten, overhauled module. A new product, in essence, just one that happens to imitate the functionality of the older product.

Why the rewrite? A number of reasons, most of them marinated in technical jargon. So, put simply: Edge Splash 1.0 was bad. Clever, yes, and an achievement in its own right for being a one-line code solution, but this one-line focus convoluted the product as a whole and limited usability to a certain set of admittedly unimpressive features. Things only got worse as the rest of Edge Engine developed and evolved to a certain set of code standards that Edge Splash 1.0 simply did not and could not adhere to.

So it was rewritten. Completely. The basic goals of Edge Splash remain the same: be as simple to use as possible, and create really slick looking splash screens. But with the 1.5 rewrite, Edge Splash truly pushes the boundary of what something as simple as a splash screen engine can be. While you will need more than just one line of code (three, to be exact, though you can get by with just two on touchscreen devices) the tradeoff is greater simplicity and extended functionality in other areas. What was previously a tangled mess of an experiment is now a worthy component of Edge Engine, and a clean and useful learning tool for GML programmers.

No, it may not be the most exciting thing in development here at VN updates continue to progress behind the scenes, as well as development on Edge UI--but it's certainly one of the biggest overall improvements to the engine yet, and one of those 'just had to be done' sort of matters out of the way, creating space for bigger things to happen. THANK YOU to everyone who supported Edge Splash 1.0--I hope you enjoy the new version, and that it reaches a bigger audience than ever before in its new incarnation!

Check out Edge Splash 1.5 on the YoYo Games marketplace, and be sure to read up on the new documentation as well!