Edge Engine Splash Screen - Easy, Elegant Branding Solution

Edge Engine Splash Screen, or Edge SS, is a fully cross-platform splash screen module designed for ease of use and feature-richness for the ultimate splash screen solution. All code is fully notated and designed for human readability, and extensive documentation is included.

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- Elegant splash screens with custom fade in, pause, and fade out times - Brilliantly simple execution requiring only two or three lines of code at minimum - Advanced splash screen variants for users who want complete control - Multiple splash screens can be strung together seamlessly with no 'if' statements or extra code - Any code or action can be triggered when splash screens are complete - Extensible animation effects system to go beyond simple fades - Adapts to any FPS

And of course, Edge SS is compatible with all other Edge Engine modules as well! Try it with Edge Engine Display Scaler for instant compatibility with all screen resolutions!