Edge VN - Advanced Visual Novel Engine for GameMaker Studio

The Edge Visual Novel Engine, or Edge VN, is a fully cross-platform text and character engine designed for use in full visual novels and RPG-style dialog scenes. It is highly optimized for maximum performance and ease of use without sacrificing power. All code is fully notated and designed for human readability, and extensive documentation is included.

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- FAST. Edge VN's text drawing technique is highly optimized and has almost no performance impact, and other elements have been designed with minimum impact in mind - Advanced, yet easy-to-use text engine with support for a typewriter effect, multiple colors, and hyperlink-style 'reference links' using simple markup directly inside Game Maker Studio - Static and dynamic character cut-ins with automatic and extensible animations! - Background scene engine with extensible effects system! - Branching dialog options system (added by popular demand!) - Support for voice-acted dialog or sound effects - Elegant text log for reviewing past text at the touch of a button - Supports all control methods, and even has an auto mode! - Additional tricks and tools (such as adding hex/HTML color notation support to GMS!) - Fully customizable - tell YOUR story!

And of course, Edge VN is compatible with other Edge Engine modules as well! Try it with Edge Display Scaler for compatibility with all screen resolutions, Edge Splash to show your pride for your Edge VN creations, and Edge FS to save your progress through your visual novels!