Edge Display Scaler - Simple Responsive Design Solution

Edge Engine Display Scaler is a fully cross-platform set of scripts designed to set your games free from fixed resolutions. With just one pre-made object, a handful of extra utility scripts, and a little of your own creativity, you can build a game once and watch as it gracefully scales to practically any alternative resolution in real-time without blur or inefficient tricks like room switching. Perfect for games meant to be run in a window or in multiple orientations on mobile devices!

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Edge Engine Display Scaler is very beginner-friendly with fully notated, easy-to-read coding techniques, but also provides tools that give GML programmers the power to easily design games for multiple resolutions similarly to CSS in web design. Using variables already at work in Display Scaler, game developers can access games' scale multiplier (how the current scale compares to the base resolution the game was designed in), the previous scale multiplier (for detecting changes in scale and by how much), the game's effective orientation (landscape or portrait, depending on the shape of the display), and more. It is even possible to target specific resolutions in code.

Additional functions include relative parent/child linking, so that objects can move independently but also stick to another object when it is moved (e.g. after the display scale has changed), resizing assets to fill or fit the display, and even drawing entire views with custom scaling and other effects. Edge Engine Display Scaler is the complete solution for responsive game design in GameMaker: Studio!

Documentation and an interactive demo is included for more details on all of these functions, including example usage!