Edge FMV - Experimental GML Video Player

It's finally here: full video playback in GameMaker native GML! No extensions, no DLLs, no platform-specific libraries. With Edge FMV, a few lines of simple code are all it takes to get your videos playing on nearly every platform supported by GMS.

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- Play, pause, seek, and skip videos - Easy progress bars with a single script - Framesync adapts videos to any room speed and compensates for lag to achieve perfect timing under any conditions - Audiosync prevents video and audio tracks from becoming desynchronized - Manual video/audio offset (e.g. to correct lip syncing) - Video transforms: position, scale, rotation, color blending, and alpha - Optionally hide mouse during playback - Exposes numerous built-in variables for advanced users to get the most out of Edge FMV - And more!

Note that traditional video formats (.mp4, .avi, etc) are not supported. These formats must be converted for playback with Edge FMV using the included MakeFMV custom video conversion application (now with GUI!). Also note that due to performance limitations only one video may be played at a time.

Warning: this asset is experimental and likely always will be. It is intended for advanced users only, and may not perform as expected due to limitations within GameMaker Studio.


In compliance with the license agreements of FFmpeg and 7-zip, MakeFMV is not a commercial application and can be obtained free of charge in compiled and source code format upon request. Click here to download MakeFMV