XGASOFT is a middleware and game development studio I independently founded in 2017. Its name stands for International Game Arts, represented both by its diverse creative influences and its collaborators from all around the world. XGASOFT's mission is "telling stories with code"—using interactive technologies not just to entertain, but to impact and inspire.

Its first product, VNgen, is designed to facilitate just that, putting the power of interactive storytelling in the hands of developers of all skill levels. VNgen is designed to be a great experience for both developers and end users, placing an emphasis on smooth animation and production value previously only achievable on a large budget.

As a game developer, XGASOFT utilizes VNgen and other first-party technologies to create interactive stories of its own such as Yugure no Kagami: The Mirror of Dusk, a Japan-inspired urban fantasy adventure following the exploits of metaphysical Guardians of the Sun and Moon and the humans who discover their secret existence. Learn more at


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