FPAT (Frame Performance Analysis Tool)

FPAT is a custom Frame Performance Analysis Tool written in modified JavaScript which provides detailed performance statistics and graphs in an elegant and highly flexible video interface. It is primarily intended as a utility for video reviews comparing GPU and CPU performance across models.

The software is written in three components: 1) a converter to interpret performance data from other tools into FPAT format, 2) an experimental frame analyzer to generate performance data from video footage, 3) and the final video interface. By pre-calculating performance data into keyframes, the FPAT interface is able to render complex graphs at high resolutions very quickly. Every aspect of the interface is customizable as well, from graph dimensions and ranges to label colors to special effects like 'frosted glass' backgrounds. Any changes made are instantly responsive, meaning FPAT will automatically reconfigure itself to properly display information with the new settings.

FPAT debuted publicly on YouTube in a video review comparing the performance of the NVIDIA RTX 2060 and GTX 1070 graphics cards, available below.