Vidsquish is a graphical frontend for a collection of video processing libraries designed to offer compression, customization, and enhancement of videogame cutscenes—including some ultra-rare ones supported by few other tools. Featuring a powerful profile system, new games can be added to the roster of supported titles without modifying the underlying code, and new profiles can be created by the community as well.

For those trying to save disk space, Vidsquish cuts down on the filesize of one of most games' largest components, sometimes by several gigabytes. For those wanting the smoothest experience, Vidsquish offers interpolation to convert low-FPS cutscenes to 60 FPS or higher. Running a non-standard monitor? Vidsquish supports virtually any aspect ratio with options to crop or letterbox content to best fit your screen.

The user interface is fully skinnable, supporting both landscape and portrait layouts. Not only does this allow customizing the frontend to suit your tastes, but allows for users to add custom options to the UI straight from profiles—again, all without modifying a single line of source code.

Vidsquish first made a name for itself as NieRepack, an early alpha which automated the process of optimizing cutscenes from the hit JRPG NieR: Automata and offering 60 FPS interpolation to match native gameplay. Since then, it has received multiple major iterations improving the software and has attracted a significant following on Steam.

Download Vidsquish on Steam