Introducing Edge FMV - Video Playback in Native GML!

If you noticed a few weeks ago in the announcement post for Edge FS that there were two super-secret projects in development around here and yet only one got announced, you may have been wondering what and where the second was. Well, wonder no more, because Edge FMV has seen the light of day and is now available to the general public!

Edge FMV started as an experiment--a hack, even--to see if it was possible to achieve video playback in native GML code--no extensions, no DLLs. While early tests showed promise, many hurdles still remained--so numerous and so challenging that a public release of Edge FMV seemed far from guaranteed. But one by one new breakthroughs were found, and now I am very pleased to present the grand version 1.0 to the world as the newest member of the Edge Engine family!

While Edge FMV retains its 'experimental' status and likely always will, in the past few weeks it has developed into something truly usable and even suitable for commercial purposes. The included MakeFMV application automates the hardest part, which is simply converting existing videos into Edge FMV-compatible format, and the rest is handled in the GameMaker Studio IDE with just a few lines of very simple code.

But why stop with simple when you can go so much farther? And so Edge FMV also features:

• Play, pause, seek, and skip videos

• Easy progress bars with a single script

• Framesync adapts videos to any room speed and compensates for lag to achieve perfect timing under any conditions

• Audiosync prevents video and audio tracks from becoming desynchronized

• Manual video/audio offset (e.g. to correct lip syncing)

• Video transforms: position, scale, rotation, color blending, and alpha

• Optionally hide mouse during playback

• Exposes numerous built-in variables for advanced users to get the most out of Edge FMV

• And more!

If any of that sounds interesting, be sure to check out Edge FMV on the YoYo Games Marketplace. Also see the official Edge FMV Documentation to learn more.