FreeAppSlots – Turning Taps into Cash…again!

Many of you that read this blog have taken advantage of a service I wrote about a while back called FreeMyApps. How it works is that companies sponsor their iOS app on FreeMyApps, you download the app being sponsored, and FreeMyApps shares the profits with you in exchange for trying the app out. What with FreeMyApps doing so well, you know other companies are going to want to get in on the fun. That’s precisely what we have with FreeAppSlots.

Now before I get into FreeAppSlots, I want to make one thing abundantly clear: this is not a gambling site. The slots do play an interesting part in you earning rewards, but don’t be confused by the name. I can assure you that ThinkBoxly would never get behind a company that openly ruins people’s lives to turn a profit. Now, on to the review…

As I already said, FreeAppSlots works basically like FreeMyApps. Several of the rewards are even the same–you can redeem earned points to get individual apps, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and more. One thing that sets FreeAppSlots apart in this regard though is that for really high savers can directly redeem points to score an iPod Touch or iPad/iPad Mini. Like FreeMyApps, the balance between points vs rewards is reasonable, but possibly a bit less so in FreeAppSlots. That’s where the slots themselves come in.

FreeMyApps offers an absolute point value for every app you try out. FreeAppSpins, on the other hand, offers a certain number of shots at the slots (“Spins”) for each app you try (keep reading for a way to double these Spin rewards!) and then points are awarded depending on what prize apps/products you land on the slots. Each icon holds a certain value independently, so you don’t have to match up all three slots to get points, but of course the most points are given when you land a match of three. It’s an extra step in the process from FreeMyApps, but it’s nice that each app you try has equal potential for raking in the points…and it’s kind of fun to see what you get each time.

There is one downside to FreeAppSlots, however, and that is a matter of stability. Newer Apple devices may not run into this issue, but A4-based devices (iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4, iPad 1) seem to be barely able to keep up with the fancy graphics and animations of FreeAppSlots. Remember, these types of services are websites you visit on your iOS device, not actual apps. Attempting to make a website look as good as an app is no easy thing on a browser.

Another small downside is that Springboard (homepage) integration is not as good as FreeMyApps. Like with any website, you may add a FreeAppSlots icon to your Springboard, but it won’t give you a nice splash or run in full screen like FreeMyApps does.

It is worth mentioning that both of these issues seem to be improving over time.

Overall I have to say that if you like FreeMyApps, you should definitely try FreeAppSpins as well. Between the two, you could pretty easily score for yourself a respectable amount of Amazon or iTunes gift cards. Don’t quit your job to try and make it on trying out apps alone, but there’s certainly real money to be made here for pretty minimal effort.

To try out FreeAppSpins and get a special bonus doubling the amount of spins awarded for each app you try, visit the following link on Mobile Safari (not your PC or a different mobile browser!)

Link + Double Spin Bonus: (visit link on Mobile Safari, not a PC!)