Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Update Improves Motion Blur, Camera

We've known for a while that Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae would be getting an update this week, but as it turns out Square Enix had a second surprise up their sleeve for Final Fantasy fans as well. Along with your Final Fantasy XV demo update today, you may have noticed a second item in your console's download list: an update for Final Fantasy Type-0 totaling right around 13MB. And what does this mysterious update contain? Quite simply, the most-requested tweak for the game ever since its release back in March: a completely overhauled camera.

With the new update installed, motion blur in Type-0 is significantly reduced, and the camera controls themselves have been relaxed for both lower maximum speed and smoother acceleration, making the right analog stick, you know, actually analog. While there's still a certain something to it that retains the game's distinct PSP upgrade feel, the difference should be immediately noticeable to anyone who's played vanilla Type-0 HD, and should prove to be much more comfortable particularly to users who found that the original camera induced headaches and motion sickness.

The update comes primarily as a result of Square Enix's effort to port Type-0 to the PC, which they have announced will feature both the enhanced camera as well as a range of graphical options exclusive to the PC version of the game. It's not hard to see how Type-0 could stand to look still less like a PSP game than it already does, but it's likely the PC release will not differ too dramatically from its console counterparts, especially now that some of the port's more desirable features are being backported to the Xbox One and PS4. While it's not a big enough change to warrant replaying the game just for the improved viewing experience, it's certainly a boon for new players as well as those who, as I said, never made it through the first time due to physical limitations with the game. And more importantly, it's further evidence that the 'new' Square Enix truly is listening to their fans.