Edge VN 1.3.0 Update Released!

The unplanned updates to Edge VN just keep rolling in! You asked for it, and Edge VN delivers! The new 1.3.0 update is chock full of new and improved features, such as an overhauled, simplified, more readable text engine that now supports bold and italic text markup! Thanks to the changes it is now also possible to have variable typewriter effect speed in real-time (credit to Ronald 'mudora23' for this idea). Characters have also been enhanced with some minor under-the-hood improvements, and a new script has been added to allow switching dynamic animations on-the-fly just like sprites. And for some icing on the cake, another new script adds touchscreen scrolling support to the text log with custom sensitivity! It's above and beyond the 'feature complete' 1.2.0, and you know what to do: open up your asset libraries and update, or head over to the Marketplace to grab the latest and greatest Edge VN for yourself!

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