Edge VN 1.1.2 Minor Update Released

Add another to the list of unplanned Edge Engine updates! Edge VN 1.1.2--not to be confused with 1.2, which is still on its way--is now live on the marketplace. This is just a minor usability update, but it is still recommended to jump on it as soon as possible, because there are a few syntactical changes that will be easier to adjust to sooner rather than later.

The first change is a new option to draw Edge VN scenes as foregrounds, covering up all other assets. This is particularly useful for fading scenes out, and a solid black scene is included to do just that. The other change is the addition of a new transition for textboxes--or rather, the addition of no transition at all. In the past the default transition was a brief fade, which though subtle can still be jarring when changing text blocks. With this new addition, it is now possible to set both textboxes and characters to appear instantaneously, creating seamless transitions from one text block to another. However, this also means textboxes from earlier versions of Edge VN will default to this new static transition. For the usual fades, slides, and scales, edit any occurrences of edgevn_draw_textbox and change the transition parameter from 0 to 1 (fade), 2 (slide), or 3 (scale), indicating the transition of your choice. For everything else, check out the updated documentation included in the update.