Full-Browser YouTube Trick (+Bonus Trick)

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Here’s a quick tip for the week: ever wanted to watch a Youtube video while checking up on email, Facebook, Google+, or something else? Well, the obvious solution is to just make a second window with Youtube occupying half of the screen…but when you want the video, why should you settle with comments and ratings and such that you’re not reading taking up some of this space as well? And what of the video itself? Is it too small on the small setting to occupy all of the available space, and too large on the large setting to see properly?

As luck would have it, there’s actually a very simple way to watch YouTube videos that automatically resizes the video to fill whatever space is available to it in the browser window. All you have to do is take the “/watch?v=” out of the link (example: and replace it with just “/v/” (example: The result:

Still not satisfied? Well, you’re hard to please.

Ok, so perhaps you’d also like to endlessly loop that video of yours? Then simply add “&&loop=1&autoplay=1″ to the end of your modified YouTube link (example: for some hands-free endless listening, no external looping site necessary!

And there you have it…a couple tips to enhance your media consumption experience for the coming week. Enjoy!