Welcome to the New ThinkBoxly

Welcome to ThinkBoxly! In case you hadn't noticed, things look a bit different around here today!

If you've followed ThinkBoxly since the beginning, you'll have heard me say this a number of times—six, to be exact. Quite a lot for a website just celebrating its third birthday! And indeed, it could be said that ThinkBoxly has always suffered a bit of an identity crisis. What is ThinkBoxly? Tech news and reviews have always been at the center of its content, sure, but functionally it has never been your average news portal. So what is it, then? The new ThinkBoxly finally has the answer.

Up until now, each successive redesign has been considered a new 'version', another building block on the same foundation. With the new ThinkBoxly however, this sort of thinking was set aside completely. The site you're browsing now was never considered 'ThinkBoxly 7', but rather was codenamed 'ThinkBoxly NEXT', symbolizing a step forward to a new foundation, not merely building on an old one.

What is ThinkBoxly NEXT?

Put simply, the new ThinkBoxly isn't strictly a news portal or even a website at all: it's a personal brand, a banner under which I can place everything I do. And that's what you'll hear about at this location from here on: itself will serve as a hub from which all other ThinkBoxly projects can be reached, and also as my personal blog where I will post updates about each one.


But don't worry, the familiar tech coverage will continue, and hopefully even grow to greater heights. Only now this aspect of the site will be just one entity among multiple ThinkBoxly-branded products and projects. Each and every post in ThinkBoxly's history has been migrated to and individually reformatted to fit the new site design, and of course new posts are always on their way.


Another major part of ThinkBoxly moving forward is, a news and reviews portal dedicated entirely to console, PC, and mobile gaming. Here past gaming content has been migrated and reformatted just like with tech, and with this new section in place you can expect to regularly see more gaming-related content and possibly even Let's Play and livestreaming videos down the road.


But again, ThinkBoxly NEXT is all about ThinkBoxly as a personal brand, and so the last two sections of the site are focused on my own work, specifically. The first of this pair of more personal subdomains is, a subsection dedicated to my writing endeavors outside of tech and gaming articles. One of my goals in life is to become a published novelist, and so Write.ThinkBoxly will serve as a blog journaling my progress towards this goal, as well as any news involving any other writing projects I might undertake. This section may also see some feature posts tackling writing challenges or theory and philosophy.


Last but certainly not least, ThinkBoxly now also has a section devoted entirely to programming and other software development projects: In the near future Dev.ThinkBoxly will be primarily focused on the development of Edge Engine, my own modular game engine built on the GameMaker Studio platform, but will also feature both independent projects and those created with Edge Engine, as well as a few feature posts covering programming concepts and possibly even GameMaker Studio tutorials.

What's NEXT

With ThinkBoxly officially operating as a brand, the possibilities are truly endless. You may one day see a ThinkBoxly-branded novel, videogame, or productivity tool. The journey has only just begun. I hope you'll come along for the ride!