Update 22 - Itching for More

It's hard to believe, but it has already been two weeks since VNgen entered public Early Access. A number of you have already become early adopters and left some great feedback. On that note, a big thank you to everyone who's participated so far!

But VNgen's just getting off the ground, and my work is cut out for me for the rest of the year. I can't wait to get on with the more exciting tasks ahead, but in the here and now, there's more important groundwork to be laid—things that will greatly impact all VNgen developers, moving forward.

Now Available: VNgen and Edge Engine on!

That's right: the GameMaker Marketplace isn't the only place to go for VNgen anymore! Both VNgen and the entire Edge Engine suite are now available on, sharing the same discounts as their Marketplace counterparts. In fact, is the only place the Edge Engine collection is available as a single package!

The decision to release on a second platform wasn't planned, but none was needed to know that was the right place. Recently, announced native Patreon integration which makes it possible for creators to give their patrons direct access to content through Technically, XGASOFT has been on Patreon for some time now, but due to having no distribution platform for rewards, this fact has been kept pretty quiet. That's no longer the case, so from now on it is my goal to continually add value to XGASOFT's Patreon campaign.

Edge Engine and VNgen are just the start, but if that alone sounds interesting to you, please consider signing up! It would help me out more than you know, and score you some cool stuff and a direct line of communication with that stuff's creator! Pretty good deal, right?

Now Available: VNgen Documentation on X1!

Of course, whether you opt to get VNgen through the GameMaker Marketplace,, or Patreon, you'll probably want to know how to use it!

Naturally, requests for startup guides were some of the first comments I received from VNgen early adopters, and I appreciate everyone's patience in purchasing an asset that shipped without any. For the past two weeks I've been hard at work fixing this omission, and right now you can check out full documentation for VNgen at XGASOFT's developer portal, X1.

It's not quite complete as of this writing, but I anticipate it will be very soon, at which point an offline version will be created for inclusion in the next VNgen update as well. Not the v1.0 update, mind you, but an important one nonetheless.

Yugure no Kagami Status Report

But! You'll have to wait until next time to find out what that is! As always, VNgen development continues, and I can't wait to see it polished to a shine. Until next time, thanks for your support!

What is Yugure no Kagami? Click here to learn more!table span { background-color: #06F; color: #FFF; padding: 5px 10px; display: inline-block; }