‘Project Glass’ at GoogleIO 2012: Best Presentation. Ever.

Seeing how many times something like augmented reality glasses has been tried and failed, Google really needed a solid win to convince everyone that Project Glass is a product worth investing in both now and for future development.

Long story short, they got that win, and it came from above. Literally.

I don’t want to spoil the fun, so just take a look at the incredible presentation below and you’ll understand why all the ‘wow’.

A shorter, more polished video of behind the scenes and hangout footage can be found here, which it appears Google will be using as general promotional material.

It was unveiled at GoogleIO today that participants of the conference will have the exclusive opportunity to preorder a development (dubbed ‘Explorer’) version of Project Glass for $1,500 that will serve as quality assurance testing for a (likely more affordable) consumer version set to release at an undisclosed period next year.

If there was any question left as to whether or not we should be excited about this, I think it has been sufficiently answered now.