LucasArts Classic Game Patchers

While it no longer exists today, in the '90s and '00s LucasArts stood at the forefront of advancing game technologies, and produced many titles spanning a wide variety of genres which are considered classics to this day.

While many of these games are now available for download through GOG, in the past it was difficult if not impossible to get them running on modern PCs due to outdated 16-bit installers and ancient video modes not supported on today's graphics cards. To solve these and other problems, I collected community fixes and added some of my own to compile patches for the original disc-based versions of the games. My goal was to preserve the original experience as much as possible, right down to retaining the classic LucasArts launcher used by many games of the day.

These patches will not replace your original CD—they are not cracks. Instead, an ISO image will be created and patched with all necessary fixes and updates to get the game running on a modern PC. This image can then be mounted as a virtual drive to install the game. As long as the original CD is inserted as well, the experience is just like it was 20 years ago. By request, for some games I also created a package of just the final patch files which can be applied to digital versions such as those found on GOG and Steam.

Download Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight CD Patch [Digital Patch]

Download Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith CD Patch [Digital Patch]

Download Star Wars Episode I: RACER CD Patch

Download Star Wars: Rogue Squadron CD Patch

Note: Files are hosted on Google Drive. If you receive a "download quota exceeded" error message, choose "Make a Copy" and the file will be added to your own Google Drive account.

Disclaimer: These files are provided as-is and come without warranty, guarantee, or support of any kind, nor are these downloads affiliated with LucasArts or its current rights holders in any way. Use at your own risk!