I wrote a feature article for a magazine!

The way we use technology is constantly evolving. That's what I wrote about in the summer edition of the seasonal Timber Maniacs 'mogazine', a product of the unofficial Final Fantasy Forums. But the existence of a professional-grade magazine from a niche forum board is itself a testimony of the same principle. Having joined the community way back in 2012, I've seen the site experience many phases--in part tied to the highs and lows of the series it pays homage to.

This is far from the first time I've written content for the site, but being asked to contribute a magazine article is something else entirely. It's a little bit of everything for me: a meaningful game series, tech history, and Japanese culture all rolled into one. Perhaps I tried to fit too much into a single article--I'm confident I could do better, given more time. Still, I'm extremely pleased and grateful to be a part of the project, and if any of the things I just mentioned sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend checking it out.

You can read my article, Kiss Me Goodbye: How Final Fantasy Made the Unlikely Jump to PC and many others in issue #3 of the FFF mogazine, available now for free!