About ThinkBoxly

ThinkBoxly was the original tech blog I started all the way back in 2012—before many of today's major web publications even existed! Initially, it was intended to be a tech news and reviews portal, but with time, it evolved into something more personal. From 2017-18, it served as a devblog for VNgen, the first product developed under the XGASOFT brand. Today, it lives on in these archives as a record of over 200 posts and 50 videos created in its lifetime, collectively generating hundreds of thousands of views.

Fun fact: the name "ThinkBoxly" came from a suggestion in a domain name availability test. The original name was going to be "TechBox", but that domain was already taken. A few randomly-generated permutations later and "ThinkBoxly" was born! It might not make much sense, but it lent itself to a catchy logo, and the name stuck.