‘Text Me Merry Christmas’ Brings Holiday Cheer Up-to-Date

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say ‘Christmas music’? Chances are good that it’s at least half a century old, if not significantly more, even if the particular interpretation you think of happens to be the creation of a contemporary artist. And indeed it’s true—Christmas has become an inconsistent mesh of the old and new over the past decade or so. Various tech products now top the charts as the hottest gift items under the tree, but that tree itself is planted firmly by the river of tradition. One might even get lost just imaging walking in a winter wonderland without Google Maps these days. Well, now Straight No Chaser, creators of the legendary acapella version of the 12 Days of Christmas, are back to make their mark upon the holiday season again with ‘Text Me Merry Christmas’, a new song for a new generation saturated in smartphones. Oh, and Kristen Bell’s in it, too. Because, you know, I’m pretty sure she starred in some little movie about winter a while back, if that had anything to do with it.

Some might be a little hard on modern culture for all the ways it’s constantly connected with technology, but Straight No Chaser’s song does a nice job of showing how people today are still just people and while some trends have changed, ultimately the underlying holiday spirit is ever the same. Sure, it does a little poking fun too, but that’s just because we all really love Twitter and Facebook (or at least one of those two). But if all the song’s techiness is too much for you, they’ve also created a throwback clay-mation style video for your viewing pleasure. Something for everyone.

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas 2014 is just around the corner now, with less than two more weeks to go. Have you done all your shopping yet? If not, now you’ve got something to listen to while you enjoy the holiday rush!