Hajime Tabata has "no plans" for a Final Fantasy XV Sequel

"No plans" for a Final Fantasy XV sequel.

In an interview with Chinese gaming site VGTime during the annual Game Developer's Conference in Shanghai, China, director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata recently delved into some interesting discussion surrounding both pre- and post-release content for the next numbered title in the long-running Final Fantasy series. Once again a second demo for the game was hinted at, which Tabata said would contain different content than the Episode Duscae demo that shipped with copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 back in March. While he neglected to go into detail about what this 'different content' would entail, back before the release of Episode Duscae Tabata commented that perhaps the TGS demo of Final Fantasy XV could be converted into a playable area for gamers who missed out on Type-0's offering. Whether or not this is still on the cards for Square Enix remains to be seen. At any rate, if another demo is to be released Tabata assured players that it will be built for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The Final Fantasy director also spoke briefly on post-release content for Final Fantasy XV, and confirmed that there will be both paid and free DLC focusing on gameplay elements the team may not have time to fully flesh out for the main release, such as airship and underwater combat. But perhaps most interesting of all, when asked about a possible sequel, Hajime Tabata responded that the team has "no plans" and everyone is just looking forward to releasing Final Fantasy XV in 2016--which will, by the way, mark the tenth year since the project was first announced for the Playstation 3 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. While it was initially slightly unclear whether Tabata was referring to a sequel to Final Fantasy XV or Final Fantasy Type-0, when asked more directly after the conference, Tabata confirmed that they "definitely" have no plans for a Final Fantasy XV-2 and declined to comment on what his team's next project will be.

Though it shouldn't come as any surprise, the news does run contrary to Square Enix's earlier plans, which suggested instead that Final Fantasy XV's world would be so large as to span multiple games, a la Final Fantasy XIII. In light of how that approach went for Square Enix last console generation, most gamers will likely take the effective cancellation of future direct sequels as good news.