FREE - Make_Color_Hex Released as Standalone Script!

It's no April Fools joke! There's a new one for the Marketplace: Make Color Hex! While this script itself is nothing new (it's been around since the first release of Edge VN) it represents the start of a new addition to the Edge Engine family: Edge Utils. Edge Utils will not be a product of its own, but rather a broad term for any handy Edge Engine scripts that get independent releases such as this.

So what makes Edge Utils special? Well, put simply: it's free.

Yup, anything released under the 'Edge Utils' banner comes with no price tag whatsoever. These are utilities you can use anywhere in your own projects, personal or commercial, provided they retain their original form (in other words: don't plagiarize).

Well, what are  you waiting for? Go ahead and pick up the first member of the Edge Utils family! It's free!