Edge Display Scaler Update 1.2.6 Released

You aren't imagining things, Edge Display Scaler really did just jump from 1.2.3 to 1.2.6! This was not an anticipated update, however when it was brought to my attention that 1.2.3 did not support Android devices with resolutions in excess of 2048 pixels in either direction (e.g. Motorola Nexus 6, LG G3), I got right on to discovering why and developing a solution. At the same time, a long-requested feature for Edge Display Scaler has been the ability to scale in one axis while leaving the other at a fixed pixel resolution. Since an update was in order anyhow, I also managed to throw in this feature. And for the cherry on top, Edge Display Scaler also now features a new DPI scaling mode that will attempt to scale not just based on pixels, but on the physical size of the display.

With smartphones and tablets getting increasingly higher-resolution screens it's not enough to simply adjust an application to fill all the available pixels. While this results in a non-letterboxed, very sharp image, it can also result in different elements feeling absurdly small. With DPI scaling, the maximum possible resolution will still be used, however everything on the display will be maintained at roughly consistent size across all physical display sizes. While DPI scaling does present new programming challenges and should be considered an advanced feature, its presence is a huge addition to the Edge Display Scaler script library.

To get the latest version of the asset, head on over to the Marketplace, or if you already own it, remove the old version from your project's Extensions folder and download the update right inside Game Maker Studio from the Marketplace Beta > My Library window.